Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Way Back To Rockin' Autos!

~1924 Buick Roadster * photo taken in Bridgeport, TX around 1957

Old cars and old songs just kinda walk, or drive, hand in hand, don't they?  I'm the tow-headed kid sitting to your right on the fender, my leg hanging over the tire.  My brother Danny is sitting on the other side, and my late cousin Butch is the cool guy sporting the flat top hair cut.

Daddy was a jack-of-all trades!  He was an entrepreneur, being the owner and chief cook of a cafe, a farmer, auto mechanic, and, he dearly loved to deal in antiques.  We would take road trips to states in the Midwest, looking for good deals on old cars, guns and furniture. 
One such venture netted the automobile you see above.

Old Aubrey Gordon from Decatur, Texas, a truck driver who hauled grain and feed to and from the Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska states, would come into the cafe on Saturday nights with his friend, Sam Green, the school bus driver.  They would have dinner, and talk about Aubrey's travels on the road, and how he would come across old cars from time to time.  He was friends with the grain broker who knew everyone in the town of Concordia, Kansas, near the Nebraska line, and mentioned an old car that had been sitting in a shed since 1934.  Daddy was all ears on this one, for he just loved to work on, and restore old cars.  Before we knew it, we were on the road, heading for Concordia, Kansas to see about that Roadster!  Did I mention that I was about 6 years old then?  Well, there we found that old Buick, that had been sitting in a dilapidated shed for a bit over 20 years.  The roof of the shed had caved in on top of the car and crushed the rag top on it.  I don't know what the owner was asking for the car, but Daddy paid him $100.00 and his friends told him he had been shafted.  For another $100 dollar bill, I don't know how he got that dang thing loaded, but Aubrey picked that car up, and hauled it from Kansas to Bridgeport, Texas.

Daddy restored the car, had it re-upholstered in red leather, and had a new top made for it.  This vehicle had an electric starter, which was also the generator .  It stayed engaged in the flywheel, thus keeping the battery charged.  And, a new one for you car buffs who are familiar with the gear pattern of a 3-speed transmission...this car's shift pattern was backwards!  Go figure!  Then, a few years down the road, daddy traded that car for a very large antique gun collection!  And, that, my friends will be a totally different story!


Well, I guess you've noticed I haven't posted anything in a while.  You see, I've been ill, and, it's hard to get a story out of me if I'm not feeling well.  Thank you so much for coming by.  I hope you all are doing very well.  Bless you all!


Regretfully, I must say that Karo passed away in January 2016 after a long illness.  However, if you don't mind, I hope to continue sending old stories your way in my husband's honor!  Believe me, he had plenty of them!

Stop by and say hello if you get the chance, and, I happen to know a lady over at KardKornerKrib, who would like to start writing again.  I think she just needs a little push from some old friends!

Be safe, laugh and love ♥

Karo and I previously agreed that this fun automobile song is appropriate in closing!