Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nutritious Sing-A-Long

~ Singing Vegetable Patch

Hey, I'm back, and, hoping to find you all having a great summer!  So far, we've been spoiled with only one or two days of 100° here in Fort Worth...that's okay, I'm not feeling slighted at all!  

If some of you have 'left the building' to bask in the California sun, or cruise the Caribbean, I hope you've had the best vacation ever!  Me, I'm just lounging here at the hacienda, listening to music and sipping on iced tea and lemon drink.

In the meantime, I came across some health tips for men.  I've seen a lot of  beauty foods and nutrition ideas for women, but, what about us men?  Well glory be...there are some noted 'Power Foods' for us guys, and, that kind lady over at KardKornerKrib created a great presentation showcasing some of these
'Manpower Foods'!

*note to ladies:  I promise you will find some of these foods helpful to your own nutrition needs!

What did you think of my bag of goodies?  Do you believe that you can follow a strict regime with some of these 'power foods'?  Well, I quit eating egg yolk years ago, because of the cholesterol statistics, and, now, I don't think I could force myself to eat yolks just to see if my hair might grow.  And, I don't think I could handle Salmon cooked anyway you fix it!  So that leaves the fruit, nuts and veggies.  And, I do those items pretty well!

And, how about that Adam Richman who was formerly 'Man vs Food'!  What a great, fun guy!  He who was accustomed to eating 5lb burgers in a single leaping bound, and more ice cream sodas than a speeding cow, has managed to dump a whopping 70 lbs. by the wayside!  He left the show 'Man vs. Food' to get healthy and pursue other avenues...gave up on white flour and dairy products-and, now he says no to the biggest and richest dish on the menu.   When asked , Adam says, "Do I miss the food?  Sure...but not as much as I enjoy the benefits of being at a healthy weight!"  He also adds that he is grateful to his fans and his time as 'Man vs. Food'.  Let's give Adam a Kudos and congratulations for his accomplishments!


Give me fried catfish, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy anytime!  Just kidding-those are my favorite things, but nowadays, everything is in moderation.  I think we can eat most things we like if we just do the more wickedly delicious items "in moderation".  Do you agree?  I knew you would!

And, now, our program is winding down, (I'm beginning to sound like Suzanne over at MyTexasGardens), and, I must thank you all for spending some time over here with this old guy.  If you get a chance, say hello...even you folks who are just browsing-give me a shout!  You can't be any more shy than I am!  I appreciate all of you, even though I'm only a part-timer! And thank you my dear miss Suzanne for your help with this presentation!

Thanks to:
The Huffington Post

*** Well, here's a guy who may not agree with some of the health tips mentioned above:
Oh, I promised you a sing-a-long?

~is this yummy, or what!

* We have with us Mr. Alan Jackson to sing to us about that cornbread and chicken!
'Where I Come From'
This was Alan's 18th number 1 hit on Billboard Country Hits


*** Stay cool for the remainder of the summer!
Thanks again, for coming by!
See you safe, give love!


  1. Hi Karo, Thought I'd be the first to congratulate you on a great post...oh, and, love the Elvis picture on your sidebar! I guess all of us could change some of our eating habits to help combat illness and disease-I'm one for sure! This was good information. And, I always thought Adam Richman was a cute guy, I'm glad he's taking care of himself.

    Love the Alan Jackson song. He's a great songwriter and singer...a real down home guy, and easy on the eyes too (I didn't say that)!

    I'm so glad I could help with your post! Call on me at the KardKorner anytime for projects-I'm at your service, lol! ☺ See you later! ♫

  2. Hi, Karo! Hi, Suzanne! I'm back from my three week blogging break and just thought I'd drop in to see what condition your conditions are in. :) Karo, I especially want to thank you for the well wishes you expressed on my 6th anniversary post. You and Suzanne are great friends and I appreciate knowing both of you.

    While they aren't my favorite foods, I do not shy away from eating cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts. For years I have enjoyed eating raw unsalted peanuts in the shell. Eggs are a food I tend to avoid, but I eat lots of blueberries and salmon. I had some fantastic meals out west the last three weeks, most of them fish entrees. For example, I had whitefish stuffed with shrimp and octopus while staying at my first destination, a city in Texas. In fact, my plane touched down in THREE Texas cities. Starting tomorrow (Sunday), I will be running a 3-part blog series showing pictures taken during my travels in Texas and further west all the way out to California. I hope you and Suzanne will swing over and join the fun.

    Thank you again for your kind visit to my blog, good buddy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and say hello to the Suzanne twins for me!

    1. Welcome back Shady. Sounds like you had a pretty great time during your vacation! I'm afraid I don't do octopus either, but, stuffed salmon would be right up Suzanne's alley, ugh! I do like the green veggies though, and, fried catfish...I'm sure that's NOT on the list of great foods, haha!

      It's good to have you back safe and sound, and rarin' to go! Thank you so much for coming by. We did reach 102° in Fort Worth today...too bad you weren't here to sweat it out too, lol! Take care Shady, see you soon!

  3. I'll be sending this to my male friends. Thanks!