Tuesday, December 6, 2016

James Brown at Gilley's? Really!!!

~ Branson, Missouri * November 14, 2016 * photo by Suzanne

Welcome back Rockabilly fans!  Hey, I haven't been gone too long, have I?  Well, I hope I have found you all doing well, and practicing up on your "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" moves!  Oh no you don' cannot get away with telling me you're too old to rock around that tree!  I don't think we ever feel too old, once the spirit of Christmas starts to set in, am I right?

Just kidding, lol!

The week before Thanksgiving was a fast and busy week for me.  I made a quick trip to Kansas City to visit my mom and sister, and, we jumped on a cool bus to Branson, Missouri.  It was just a few hour's drive, and the weather was perfectly Autumn!  We had the best hostess and host, who put together a great itinerary for the trip, that had something for everyone to enjoy.  

One such venue was "Christmas with George Dyer" at the Mickey Gilley Theatre.  George Dyer is a fabulous tenor, who has been dubbed "Branson's  Vocalist of the Year".  He and his lovely family perform an exciting variety of songs, adding comedy, and, always bringing us to our feet with applause and cheering!  George Dyer began his exciting career in New York City, during the late 1990's.  Aside from performances at the New York City Opera, Mr. Dyer has appeared with various symphony orchestras as a soloist.

 * Well, here's the man of the hour now!  George actually stepped aboard our bus before we unloaded to file into the theatre!
   (we all became friends on a first name basis, at that point)

~photo by Suzanne * Branson, Missouri * November 14, 2016

Just a few of the highlights of the George Dyer show include a spellbinding performance by Mr. Dyer of  "Music of The Night", from "Phantom of The Opera", and "Mary Did You Know",  with George's beautiful daughter, Kendra.  This show was so amazing with its bright, colorful costumes, and, breathtaking performances by George Dyer and his family.  The band was fantastic, just rolling into song after song, effortlessly, and with professionalism!  They were good!!!
* Here they are now!  What a beautiful family...and, all are wonderful singers, dancers.  They also jump in with great comedy, engaging audience members to participate.  We got to visit with the family for a few minutes after the show, and, praise them for a most enjoyable array of performances!

George Dyer, and family * Branson, Missouri * photo by Suzanne 11-14-16

 Oh, how I want to share one of the numbers from this show, if you have the time to watch and listen!  As I said earlier, Dyer's band is incredible.  One breathtaking performance was brilliantly executed by the bass guitar player, Shaun Munday, and George Dyer in 
James Brown's "This is a Man's World".

* Now, wasn't that great!  A little bit of soul, and a little bit of opera! 
  My sister and I were on our feet, with tears in our eyes...what a performance! 
Even though it is not exactly a Rockabilly song, I hope you all enjoyed this performance as much as we did!


Well, my dearest rockabillies, and's getting late, and I guess it's time for me to sashay on out of here, and, start checking off other fun items on my "to do" list!  

As we all know, it's the time of year that we scramble around, and fight the crowds to shop for our favorite folks at Christmas!  But, what we really believe, is, that this is a time to spread Joy and Love throughout the world, and, rejoice in the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.

Let me take a moment to thank each one of you for coming by.  I appreciate you all, and would love to hear from you anytime!  If I don't see you before Christmas, please be safe in your travels.  
Be kind and charitable whenever you can! 

I also want to thank:
Mickey Gilley Theatre
George Dyer and family
Mom and Leta
*** All photos, where specified, were taken by Suzanne * 
* unlabeled photos are courtesy of Yahoo images

* Branson Express, Branson, MO *
~photo by Suzanne * 11-15-16

*** My earliest memory is of the best Christmas gift ever, a toy train.
  I remember riding that thing all through our house."
~Coco Jones

for you, Dad

Merry Christmas to you all!  See you next time! ♫

P.S.  What's going on with my font size?  It keeps changing! 😕