Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rockin' 1950's In a Small Town

My Parents' First Cafe * Bridgeport, Texas * 1954

My folks bought this small custard stand from my uncle in Bridgeport, TX in the 1950's.  As you can see, it was called 'What A Burger'...go figure! But it was better known as 'Bennie's Custard Stand'.  My dad's hamburgers were a favorite among the townspeople who enjoyed a lunch out from time to time.  Along with frozen custard Dad served up chili, hot dogs, fries, and other mouth watering cafe favorites.

Mom and dad worked long hours daily, serving up burgers and drawing frozen custard cones and other frozen desserts.  My brother, Danny and I, helped out by peeling potatoes and cleaning up out on the grounds in the parking lot.  During this time, my parents employed a few helpers and carhops to serve customers outside.  And, inside the small cafe there was a jukebox, much like the one pictured below, while,  outdoors, speakers were hung up in the trees.  This jukebox would entertain the patrons as they ate their 'Bennie Burgers'!

I was pretty young at that time...say, 5 or 6 years old.  My brother and I would frequent the cafe, that's where we ate most of our meals.  And, on any given day, weather permitting, you could find me outside, standing on top of one of the picnic tables, singing and dancing away for the customers, and, they would toss coins my way in return for my songs.  Hmmm...I thought then, that maybe I could earn money while singing, or, perhaps, by making a fool of myself!

My love of music and singing began in church, where I sang every Sunday, and, any other time we had services or Church functions.  But, my musical preferences expanded as I sat in the cafe listening to the rocking tunes of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jack Scott and Little Richard.  I did my best to imitate these performers in their mannerisms and movements.  Well, then, dad handed me a guitar one day and told me that I'd better learn to play...SOMEONE had to play music to my singing, and, it might as well be me.

When I about 9 years old,  a traveling guitar instructor was coming through town once a week to give lessons to anyone who wanted to  learn to play.  And, when I got word of this, I was on the scene!  He would stop at the home of a student, and, I, along with a few other guys, would sit in to pick up what we could.  The instructor taught us chords and rhythm for a few dollars a lesson.  From there, I was able to at least play to my favorite songs while I sang.  Well, I should be better at the guitar by now, but, I don't think I am.  However, I can sit in and pick up almost any key, and play along with other musicians.  Later, as a teenager, I would form my own band.


With that, I will close for now...we'll discuss my band, and, some Rockabilly history in my next post.  Thank you for coming by.  I guess you know this is my first blog post.  Do I know what I'm doing?  Probably not.  But, with a little luck, and my fond memories, maybe, I can send some entertainment, fun, and knowledge your way.
  And, I'm sure you can teach me a few things!

And, on my way out, I send this song your way that Suzanne and I recorded at home.  It's our cover of one of Jerry Lee Lewis' hits from 1957, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.  Now, bear in mind, we don't do Karaoke (karaoke can't keep up with me)!  We only used two instruments with this guitar, and, Suzanne, timidly played the drums.  Oh, and, I'm singing the song!
It was just a lot of fun!

"That Rockabilly sound wasn't as simple as I thought it was."
~Carl Perkins

Be safe...stop by anytime and say hello!


  1. Hi Karo, congratulations on your first blog post! You've given us a great preview of what's to come. There's some wonderful history in rockabilly. Love your song...see you soon!♥

  2. Hi, Karo! I just signed on with you and listened to your "Killer kover." I loved it! You have a great voice and produce that authentic rockabilly sound I love so well. Among the most electrifying moments in rock 'n' roll history are the vintage clips of Jerry Lee and Little Richard attacking their pianos. My new post features some of the earliest music in my memory banks and I invite you to join me!

  3. Hi Shady! Thank you for reading my blog, and, for signing on! I guess it's obvious I'm a major Elvis fan, but, there are so many others, like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard who were great influences in my life. Those two guys could really pound out the sounds on their pianos with very little effort!

    I joined your blog earlier, with the help of that lady at KardKornerKrib. Some months ago you posted about Wanda Jackson. I had forgotten about her, but your video brought it back. That was such a treat, and it did refresh my memory of that spunky lady!
    Again, thanks for stopping by...and, welcome!

    1. I'm so glad you got to see that Wanda Jackson post, Karo. I hope you catch the documentary about her life and career that's been running on cable the last couple years. It's great!

  4. Hi Karo, I think it's fabulous that you've started your own blog!

    Loved the story of your beginnings and I can imagine how delicious those Bennie's Burgers must have been too... nothing like a burger in the 50's and 60's - they sure knew how to make them back then.

    As I write I'm listening to a "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On" - you've got it Karo, just keep rockin' on.

    Cheers from an Aussie rocker :D)

    1. Hello Susan, and welcome to my blog. Not sure what I'm doing, but I've got a pretty good coach, haha! Yes, the burgers were delicious back then, but now, do you know what you're getting between the buns that are usually cold? We grilled our buns, to a nice, toasty finish!

      Thank you so much for your compliments, and I saw the pictures of your floating shack! I bet that was great fun, and, what an idea they have. I hope to bring some more good posts to this blog. Thank you for stopping by Susan!♫