Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet on Music!

Hi Rockabilly fans...and, fans of any music, I might add!  I just ventured by to check on things, and, picked up this cool valentine card along the way.

* It simply says, "You make my heart sing".  What a statement, and I have to admit, it's a statement that rings true with all of us at some time or other in our lives!  And, oh what a feeling when your heart sings.  You catch yourself kind of dancing along and humming tunes like 'Just One Look', 'Hunka Hunka Burning Love', and 'I Will Always Love You'.

Your heart is capable of singing to any wonderful event in your life!  Walking through a beautiful flower garden, watching a pair of playful kittens, or browsing through a music store-
-now, that will bring on a 'hearty song',  lol!

I really came by to share with you something that makes my heart sing!
Spending time with family, and sharing your favorite things in life with those you love, will guarantee the greatest song in your heart!

Happy Valentine's Day from my grandson 'Scooter', myself and wife, Suzanne, at Rock A Billy Rock!

* please enjoy Scooter's  'Camptown Races' !
May your hearts sing! ♥

Thank you so much for coming safe, give love!


  1. Hi, Karo! You and Scootie Potter make a great combo. Scootie reminds me of those Nashville Cats.

    Nashville cats, play clean as country water
    Nashville cats, play wild as mountain dew
    Nashville cats, been playin' since they's babies
    Nashville cats, get work before they're two

    Well, there's thirteen hundred and fifty-two
    Guitar pickers in Nashville
    And they can pick more notes than the number of ants
    On a Tennessee anthill

    Yeah, there's thirteen hundred and fifty-two
    Guitar cases in Nashville
    And any one that unpacks his guitar could play
    Twice as better than I will

    Yep, this is the time of year to give thanks for the love in your life and remember that love comes in different forms. From the looks and sounds of things, you have a lot for which to be thankful, Karo.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, good buddy!

  2. Hi Shady. Scooter really tries to play that uke, and he gets on the keyboard too! What fun it is to jam with him! Yeah, he was barefoot and raring to go! I do remember the Nashville Cats number. I may have to work with him to play the song.

    You know, during holidays we do stop to reflect on our closeness with family and friends. Although love should be an everyday thing, seems as though it comes around more so beginning with Thanksgiving, and through Christmas. And, I do have so much to be thankful for. So here we are coming up on Valentine's Day now-what say, "Let's Keep the Love Flowin'!"

    Thanks Shady for coming by and saying hello. Wishing you and Mrs. Shady a Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Hallo Karo. Lovely to see you here today , spreading the love. Scootie is a little cutie , and I can imagine the fun you have with him. Sharing things you love with those you love - it doesn't get any better than that. Wishing you and Suzanne a very happy Valentine's Day.

  4. Hi Thisisme. It's lovely to see you here today also, and what a display of statues on your blog. Suzanne hasn't gotten a chance to cross over the pond yet, but, she'll be there. We are so proud to have Scootie in our lives, he just rolls with punches and joins in with all we do! And, you're right-it doesn't get any better than that. Thank you so much for coming by...I enjoy your visits.

    Again, Happy Valentine'd Day to you Thisisme!

  5. Hi Karo, that's a gorgeous card!
    Beautiful words too :D)

    1. Hi Susan, and welcome back. Suzanne told me you are back on the blogwagon! It's very good to see you here, thank you for coming by, and for your kind comment!